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Partner, Development

Tom McCaffery

Webmaster, #TeamCoffee/#TeamTea Turncoat, Cultivator of Balance

Resilience is an important quality to have for any developer, and Tom has it in spades.

He’s often tasked with bringing together crafty solutions to multi-faceted challenges, resulting in rock-solid websites. Simply put, he’s a problem-solver extraordinaire.

Tom joined the team in 2015 and has lead our technical pursuits on the merit that he’s been writing Javascript since age 11. Outside of work, you may still find him on a keyboard, playing for funky roots band Spent Grain. With credentials like these, he’s as qualified to manage our Spotify playlists as he is our Amazon servers.

For someone so entrenched in a text editor, Tom provides the team with a keen user experience perspective. We’ve come to rely on his ability to help coalesce complex functionality into intuitive UI.