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Forward Thinking for Attention FWD

Quick Recap
Editorial Website
Just like the Future of Sports, the future-facing content of this project had the tendency to get us sidetracked (in a good way).
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Attention Span is a jack-of-all-trades kind of agency, and their aptly named Attention FWD team is a subset of ‘Spanners focused on forward-looking research, content, and events. The FWD Team is in pursuit of helping businesses identify what’s on the horizon—be it opportunities or obstructions.

We collaborated to create a site that champions said research, content, and events: We learned early on that those in the futurist space commonly fall into two tropes: sounding baseless in their claims and looking too “futuristic”. While we left the former for Attention Span to tackle—something their Insights do quite well—we avoided sci-fi vibes in favor of an editorial style that still features punchy colors.

The art direction leans on duotone images and bold headlines set in Shentox. Each category of Insight has a color theme assigned to it and—a clever Sass mixin later—the appropriate colors ride with articles everywhere they appear.

Cheers to the future!


Adjacent pushed us to realize our vision — to bring compelling visual clarity to future-focused content.

Tyson Law Attention Span
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