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It’s always a good time to join a good time

We are a remote-friendly design studio HQ’d in Syracuse, NY (HQ is just as comfy as WFH, tbh).

Adjacent is an intentionally small team with aspirations of measured, meaningful growth. We’re always in pursuit of adding studiomates who share our values and bring a fresh perspective and skillset. Our partners and clients love us for our friendliness and dependability, and everyone at our studio interacts directly with those adjacent to, well, Adjacent.

We believe our studio has a role to play in our local and industry communities. We lead by example and play nice with others. We carefully vet every opportunity that comes our way and pursue the ones we’d be proud to be associated with.

What Sets Us Apart

Small & Mighty
We embrace being nimble. We move quickly but thoughtfully. Everyone contributes and matters here, so bring everything that makes you, you.
Flexible Work Schedule
Our teammates’ health and happiness are our undisputed priorities. We provide the kind of flexibility that helps you take control of your work/life calendar.
Always Be Celebrating
Whether it’s launch parties, field trips, or well-timed happy hours, we find creative ways to make merry and enjoy the ride.

Who We’re Looking For


As you’d imagine, accountability plays a big part in our small studio. That’s no sweat for you because you’re able to juggle multiple tasks and projects without skipping a beat. You’re capable of being our subject matter expert on a few topics and we can rely on you to hit your deadlines, every time.


Have an idea? Great, we love those. Have a v1 of that idea in a Google Doc or a rough prototype? You’re our favorite. As highly motivated people ourselves, we’re drawn to teammates who can take the first step towards their vision so we can all be on the same page, faster.


When you’re in the business of making things for people, it helps when you have the desire to understand those people. From approaching conversations with humility to prioritizing users through accessibility, you’re helping us create informed, responsible products.

  • Vacation Days for Days
  • Conference + Learning Stipend
  • Home Office Stipend
  • Starbucks um… Stipend?
  • Come-back-when-you’re-ready Parental Leave
  • Health Insurance
  • 401k
  • Syracuse-local parking

Senior Front-End Engineer

We’re looking for a trustworthy, senior front-end engineer who cares about their work: how it’s presented, who can use it, and what kind of foundation it sets to build upon.

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Senior WordPress Engineer

We’re looking for a trustworthy, senior WordPress/back-end engineer who is meticulous in their work: their builds are reliable, efficient, and performant. This person recognizes the importance of organized and well-documented code.

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