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The Calvins to our Hobbes

We’re lucky to have forged some great partnerships — and adventures — with a few highly collaborative teams over the years.


Since 2017, we’ve met with the Corporate Communications team at Hormel Foods regularly to iterate on digital projects and concept internal campaigns.


Starting with some homepage personalization and interactivity, we’ve been helping the Wegmans Creative & Digital Experience Teams institute modern build practices and brand tools.


We’ve partnered with SU from the earliest days of our studio, providing communication design services and tech consulting to many of its schools, colleges, and departments.


We frequently consult with the team at Hidden Level on everything from design system iteration to what to name their company intranet.


We team up with our friends at Attention Span weekly—whether it’s for shared clients or by helping them launch their own future-forward initiatives.



Hit that “responsibly enthusiastic” vibe

People typically choose our studio when they’re looking to convey sophistication without losing a sense of personality. Our penchant for simplicity often produces polished, uncluttered work with room for a few delightful elements. If that’s what you’re going for, these examples should prove helpful: