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Best Mail Ever

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Back in our day, you’d receive a single, lowly sheet of university letterhead declaring they’ve accepted your application. Nowadays, kids take to YouTube to broadcast their elaborate admissions package-opening ceremonies.
Admissions Notification Folder

Though our generation may be a tad salty from such contrast, we’re all for it. There’s arguably only a handful of life events that warrant more fanfare than being accepted to your dream school. Many schools have rallied around this idea, knowing a letter of acceptance doesn’t guarantee attendance—admissions notifications are perhaps the grand finale of the proverbial recruitment fireworks display.

Consequently, we had a blast helping Syracuse University’s admissions team reimagine their notification package.

This was a high profile project and Adjacent delivered an outstanding piece that communicated prestige and contributed to a remarkable Fall 2018 entering class.

Tiffany A. Kirkland Director of Student Relationship Management Enrollment and the Student Experience

While this is a tempting moment to bombard would-be students with copious amounts of school history and campus life information, we approached this project by adoring simplicity. Orange is an exciting color in its own right—we needn’t attempt to overpower it, but to embrace it. This also applied to the interior messaging; simple statements hope to stand out from the typical barrage of “official” academic language.

The insert features quotes from students, and on the flip side, a beautiful panoramic of the campus which doubles as a wall poster. The interior panel of the folder tears off to serve as a selfie sign that accepted students can share on social media to make the big announcement. The backside of the panel boasts a welcome message and a Syracuse bumper sticker to up the bragging rights.

The folder and insert (Mohawk Via Vellum) were printed here in Upstate NY by Benchmark Printing.

Adjacent’s creativity and expertise in design, as well as their friendly and supportive designers, made working with them on our admissions notification packet an incredible experience.

Tiffany A. Kirkland Director of Student Relationship Management Enrollment and the Student Experience
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