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We are Adjacent.

We’re a team of four highly-motivated people dedicated to our craft, and we’re awesome to work with (from what we’re told). It’s often a result of pouring everything we have in to projects for difference-making companies. Our size, character, and handcrafted approach fuel our ability to deliver meaningful experiences across screens and mediums.

We help all kinds of companies achieve a confident and consistent presence in print and on the web.

Consistency is at the core of good design. You don’t often notice it until it’s absent, right? Nailing that shade of blue every time (you know the one). Considering screens that fit in your pocket as much as the ones on your desk. That investment of consistency yields confidence.

We’re a studio that knows, and gives, what it takes. Every project that comes through our door is properly vetted so we can make the most impact, all while providing peace of mind to those we serve.


Effective Logos & Collateral

User Experience

Usable, Delightful Interactions

User interface
User Interface

Well-Considered, Clear Layouts

Responsive Web Design

One Website, All Screens

Web application dialog box
Web Applications

Robust Functionality

WordPress logo

Easy, Friendly Content Editing

We’re built to handle projects of all sizes and our size affords us unique flexibility. Reach out to see if we’re a fit.