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Nate Rooke

Co-Founder, Development

Culinary Connoisseur, Office Handyman

Nate doesn’t just have an entrepreneurial spirit — he has the rare ability to actually make things happen. Since starting Adjacent with Maribeth in 2012, he’s worn all the nitty-gritty hats needed to make our studio hum — a wonderful balance to his affinity for all things quality. If anyone knows what it takes to hit a high bar, it’s Nate, and that’s the kind of person you need running your project.

While he’s as methodical and rational as they come, you might be surprised to know he’s got a creative side, too: in the kitchen. Always in pursuit of an excellent dining experience (to which we’ve greatly benefitted from), he’s got some impressive equipment and a stockpile of ingredients most home cooks only dream of. Safe to say, when Nate gives advice on food or tech, take it.

Primary Roles

Operations, Project Management, Development

At Starbucks

Flat White, 2 pump(s) Vanilla Syrup, 4 Shots Ristretto


Formula 1 Drive to Survive, Stranger Things, Ted Lasso