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Co-Founder, Design

Maribeth Rayfield

Patagonian, #BeerNotWine, Adorer of Simplicity

The fact of the matter is, Maribeth is our True North when it comes to art direction.

Well before she’s immersed in Illustrator and font foundries, she’s helping our clients understand what constitutes a confident and sophisticated identity. After years of working at large agencies, she co-founded Adjacent with Nate in 2012. Branching out and starting a design studio has proven to be the kind of adventure that defines Maribeth’s brand—she’s constantly encouraging the team to aspire to new heights.

Meanwhile, she’s cutting away at the frivolous, committed to the idea that in our noisy world, simplicity enables design to make a difference. Her strong print experience plays a role in many projects, and in others, empowers our studio to consider screen design in inventive ways.