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Maribeth Rayfield

Co-Founder, Design

Patagonian, Nostalgist

There’s no greater advocate of our studio than Maribeth. Since starting Adjacent with Nate in 2012, she’s been a steady voice in helping us maintain client relationships. You can certainly credit the vibes of our studio space to MB, and clients have found her art direction and design sensibility as indispensable as we do.

Maribeth has a real knack for finding well-designed brands and understanding what’s at the center of their effectiveness. You could stand to benefit from a smidgen of the inspiration she has on her radar. Her secret? The very thing she champions in and out of our studio: simplicity.

Primary Roles

Identity Design, Project Management, Business Development

At Starbucks

Grande Caffè Latte


Schitt’s Creek, Ted Lasso, Inventing Anna