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Modern’s a Continuum, Not a Checkbox

Case Study
Visual Branding
Audience-specific tonality. A wider collection of marks. Endless swag opportunities. All possible with the latest Strategic brand identity evolution.
grid of Strategic printed cards

Strategic gets it. Having a modern brand means constantly taking a hard look at how to evolve your elements. We were more than happy to help them do just that (again!).

Many financial firms — and companies, for that matter — are one-note, likely because it’s hard to pull off versatility well. The ones you’re thinking of are probably all-business, responsible, and well… strategic — which is undoubtedly one way to become trustworthy.

Strategic can be that. But they’re also a team with a recent infusion of youthful perspectives and a desire to connect with their clients in the most authentic ways possible. Less financial jargon and more “how can we help design your actual life?” kinds of conversations. They’ve become as aspirational as they are methodical.

When their existing brand identity toolkit wasn’t as versatile as they were becoming, we helped establish a more flexible foundation.

We created space for their “visionary” vibe as well as their “tactical” one. The former is their “outside voice” with strong and confident type and imagery. Their “indoor voice” leans on elements just as smart and helpful as their play-by-play guidance.

The “a-ha” moment was after our initial discovery meeting with Adjacent. They heard us, asked key questions, and really helped us shape our vision for the evolution of the Strategic Brand. The team then went to work and brought that vision to life.

Michael Leist Chief Experience Officer

Like any good one-two punch, these ideas counterbalance each other effectively across their brand toolkit. The result is a modernized brand that resonates with their ever-growing list of clients-turned-ambassadors. Because in the end, nothing else matters if the swag isn’t 🔥.

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