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Four Storefronts and a Commons

Quick Recap
Brand Identity
Store names and logos may not be front of mind to many, but the plight of a designer is that these aspects are impossible to ignore. Nail them and you’re instantly credible; stumble and you’ll have to use other tactics to get people in the door.
Polly Cooper signage with wood beams

Like many, we were thrilled to hear our Armory Square neighbor and friend Joel Shapiro was establishing four retail boutiques in partnership with Turning Stone Casino. Perhaps more exciting was the opportunity to get in on the ground floor by helping him name and brand not just the stores, but the overall shopping experience as well.

We started more confident in the direction the logos would take than what the shops would be named. Our goal was to bring visual continuity by executing wordmarks and assigning an accent color to support primarily material-based (metal, wood), in-store applications. Putting that in our back pocket, we set out with few rapid-fire naming sessions. Our alignment towards contemporary approachability led us to dub the collection of boutiques “The Commons at Turning Stone”.

The shop names were inspired by aspects and elements important to the Oneida Nation.

Say hello to Polly Cooper (contemporary women’s fashion), Revel Supply (men’s & women’s active lifestyle), Juniper (jewelry & accessories), and Willow & Jaye (women’s fashion).

You are my heroes!

Joel Shapiro shouted down Franklin Street
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