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Crafting a Hardworking Brand Identity

Quick Recap
Brand Identity
When you reinvent yourself in a town of only 6,000 people, everyone notices.
McClurg foil stamped logo

That’s why it was incredibly important for McClurg, a Marcellus-based remodeling company, to nail (pun intended) their new look. 35 years in the business produces a lot of familiarity, as does being headquartered on Main Street in a small town. Couple that with a new emphasis on their design/build capabilities, and the quest for a new visual identity takes on a ton of significance.

Their previous logo was well-suited for conveying a boldness and strength customary to the construction industry. Over time, the thick, condensed type became misaligned with their more sophisticated design offerings. They wanted to be known not just for building facets of your home, but for being with you at the beginning, designing your home itself.

The new visual identity has enhanced our brand’s look and feel in a way that reflects the professionalism we strive to bring to our clients. It’s made a tremendous impact internally and externally, addressing the business goals we sought to achieve.

Jon Bristol

The Mark

After much exploration, we enlisted the character of Museo Slab for its refinement and friendliness. The subtle serifs, generous curves, and even the inward slants of the M embody tradition with an eye towards today’s audience. To complement the word mark, we developed a graphic mark inspired by classic shop marks.

home repair

The quality of work is unparalleled. The attention to detail, depth, and creative process far exceeded our expectations.

Brian Ciota
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