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Promoting Healthy Choices During Cancer Treatment

Case Study
Website Redesign
We jumped at the opportunity to join our friends at Attention Span Media in their incredibly worthy cause: refreshing the digital experience of Cancer Nutrition Consortium, a non-profit organization.
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The team at Cancer Nutrition Consortium works to better understand and promote the importance of food and nutrition to positive medical outcomes in cancer treatment and recovery.

Through a combination of visual, organizational, and functional improvements, we created an enhanced experience for those seeking easy access to recipes, nutritional information, and medical advice during treatment and recovery. And you bet we made it easy for the CNC team to add content and update the site.

In This Case Study

Between the recipes turning out better than expected and getting the shop and donations to be a smooth process, we loved this collaboration.

Ethan Fletcher Attention Span


Inviting exploration with a friendly interface
Chapter One

Aligning with visual inspiration provided by the team and leveraging CNC brand elements, we set out to create a friendlier, more approachable visual direction for the site.

In early style explorations, we reimagined some of the site’s key components, leaning on curves and swashes of brand color to carry the aesthetic. High-contrast, large-scale type and interface elements help create a more engaging and accessible experience.

Highlighting the many esteemed chefs and partner institutions behind the CNC was another primary goal of the reimagined site. In an effort to audit and consolidate the visual presentation of similar content, we were able to create consistent banks of “cards”: images and links that can be added to any page or section of the site. Chefs, Partner Institutions, and Board of Directors all share this convention.



Allowing easy access to recipes and resources
Chapter Two

The enhanced filtering experience on narrow screens allows for easy access to content in both recipe and resources sections. Users looking for specific courses or nutrition indicators can easily filter results based on their preferences. To keep things orderly, both recipes and resources use a grid layout that allows for consistent presentation of cards.



Encouraging donors
Chapter Three

E-commerce is an important part of any nonprofit, and Cancer Nutrition Consortium is no exception. In addition to garnering financial support through donations and memberships, CNC also sells merchandise, cookbooks, and “Care Packs” filled with nutritional goodies for loved ones. We knew that integrating e-commerce tightly with the site was essential to minimizing friction for supporters, so we pulled in and customized WooCommerce to power both one-time donations/purchases and recurring membership subscriptions of any amount. And neither members nor back-office users need to leave the site to manage any of it, keeping the experience fluid and efficient for all.

The finished site speaks for itself — we love working with Team Adjacent!

Ethan Fletcher Attention Span
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