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Sensing on a New Level

Quick Recap
Website Redesign
It wasn’t long into the process that we started to find more similarities than differences between our design shop and this local startup.
an ipad and an iphone on a table with hidden level's website on them

Admittedly, it was a little tricky for us to grasp what Hidden Level was all about at the beginning of our partnership. When you hear words like “sensors” and “drones” thrown around, it’s understandable to start thinking of future tech and sci-fi—two things that are confusing to those not already immersed (ok, we’re a little immersed, but still). But at their core, they are what we claim we are: versatile and reliable when it comes to problem solving for their partners.

Hidden Level is a relatively new startup, but their team has over a decade of previous experience working together. They’re experts when it comes to monitoring commercial drones, smart cities, and complex networks of sensors. Like us, they’re also highly collaborative—our planning sessions with CEO Jeff Cole and Business Development Manager James Licata were some of the smoothest we’ve ever had. Even their custom Slack emojis were impressive.

Consider all the above a solid foundation in working together to produce a confident website that breaks Hidden Level out of the often cold tech world and into a warmer, more approachable one. We leaned on type, color, and layout cues from the contemporary startup space and built an easy-to-use system so their team can continue to publish the kind of insights their partners rely on.

Cheers to our friends at Hidden Level. Once the pandemic is behind us, we owe the team a proper photoshoot in their new office and a box of donuts.

We built the site on Cookbook, our tool for collecting the pieces of their design system. Having the foresight that they’ll need microsites and sibling sites in the future, we’re thrilled they invested in this framework, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective build moving forward.

Looking forward to evolving our site with them (and exchanging more quality GIFs and emojis :partyparrot: ) as we move forward!

james licata, business development manager

Adjacent has a natural flowing process, making it easy to move ideas from paper to reality seamlessly.

James Licata, Hidden Level
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