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Ever Upward!

Quick Recap
Simply put, we love where we live. Most people do. When you’re a designer, you tend to celebrate where you live with badges, t-shirts, and popsockets(?!)
a grid of items from our upstate box mailer, including the box, notebooks, notecards, and pennants

Naturally, the local “badge-of-honor” thing can be great for uniting people from a given town, city, or state. But when your area (arguably) spans at least four significant cities and six hours of Thruway, uniting people becomes a bit more difficult. To that end, we’ve always found it tricky to properly introduce ourselves to others in our neck of the woods.

So we made a kit that does both: gives our creative Upstate neighbors a high-five and lets them know we’re here in Upstate NY, too. We call it our Ever Upward box, and we’ve been slowly but surely sending it to other design shops and organizations we admire across the state.

The kit consists of a customized Moleskine hardcover notebook, a mini pennant (printed by our friends at Oxford Pennant), and a handwritten introduction on a black notecard or one of our studio’s thick, white letterpress cards. It all comes in a box we designed that expresses our love for Upstate, and hopefully it makes the recipient love Upstate a little more, too.

The core of the kit’s message is our state motto, Excelsior, which means Ever Upward in latin. We love how others have designed with this phrase, and we thought it fit our mission to a tee: together, we can do some awesome design work right here in Upstate New York.

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