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Visual Branding

Looking good is easier than you think

We try hard to create, evolve, & direct confident brand identities that don’t try too hard.

No matter the project, we’ve been known to strengthen the communications of organizations big and small. Whether you’re just starting out or have a logo everyone can spot from a mile away, it’s our goal to make sure you feel fearless about your next rollout.

Types of Identity Projects


The logos we design are a product of a thorough process that accounts for everything from your audience to your competition. Our approach is transparent and tailored, and we often develop helpful brand guidelines alongside the logos we deliver.


As designers, our affinity for simplicity positions us to not only visualize brand identities, but to name them, too. We do our homework, generate many possibilities, and work with you to distill them down to a confident solution.

Brand Communications

We help you visualize your most important brand initiatives and extend it through print, digital, and social. Lean on our experience to know what works, what doesn’t, and what could be groundbreakingly awesome.

Our Typical Process

Discovery & Research

We believe designing in a vacuum has no benefit. There’s far too much to be gained when entire project teams immerse themselves into the design process: unique perspectives are unearthed and project momentum tends to stay high. The result is often a better understanding and advocacy of your brand identity post-launch.

Sketching & Refinement

Next, we’ll evaluate our initial ideas for your project in low-fidelity (paper) sketches and start to home in on the directions that best align with your goals. We’ll take the most viable approaches and imagine them in higher fidelity (digital), allowing our project team to continue to gain confidence in one direction.

Validation & Deployment

How can we be sure what we’ve landed on will resonate? We do so by presenting our direction to internal and a select few, reliable external audiences. When we’re fully confident with our direction, we’ll provide a brand guidelines PDF and ready-to-use logo files in various formats.

Thoughts on Branding