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Bridging the Gap for Our Heroes

Quick Recap
Video Series
Empowering service members and their families, and aiding in transition—those who proudly volunteer to serve our country—is at its core the mission of Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families.
Laptop image IVMF Anthem video

We teamed up with Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families to create two companion videos to convey their mission and purpose.

Anchored by research, IVMF’s programs and services empower government, private industry, higher education, and philanthropic organizations to effectively address today’s toughest challenges facing the veteran and military community.

The goal of the Anthem video is to express the overall mission and goals of the Institute, while the Tactical video serves as an explainer video to inform prospective audiences about the specific areas where IVMF can assist. The two pieces were developed to work in concert with each other through a shared visual language, but each can stand alone when appropriate to serve their respective audiences.

The Anthem

The purpose of the Anthem video is to convey the high-level story of IVMF and its mission, with the goal to compel potential donors and partners to take action.

The Tactical

The second video is driven by the five pillars of IVMF. Following a general introduction, each pillar is represented through type, simple mono-weight illustration, with animated details and voice over narration. The piece is summarized with a brief conclusion and call to action.

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