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Corporate Responsibility Report

Quick Recap
Often, microsites have the difficult task of balancing brand alignment against more expressive initiatives.
hands with peanuts

This is especially true for the Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Report. While the report needed to fall squarely with the styles established in the redesign, it had presentational needs that put greater emphasis on facts and takeaways than the company’s corporate site.

Leveraging the design system we built with Cookbook, we efficiently created modified versions of high-level components, such as an alternate, green header. To better emphasize data, we added animation to our existing facts component. Lastly, we introduced a “Key Takeaway” content block that unites impressive facts with a message and photo.

We worked our new additions back into Cookbook for optional use on the corporate site as well. The result is a microsite that’s heavily influenced by its parent, and a parent site who reaps the benefits of its microsite. Win-win.

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