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Photoshop Etiquette

While we at Adjacent know Dan for his contributions to the team and community, the Internet knows him for his passive-aggressively-written resource called Photoshop Etiquette.

Originally intended for in-house use at a previous agency in 2011, the mind-your-manners site grew in popularity amongst web designers far and wide. We took the reins from Dan in 2015 with a proper redesign that focused on a retro aesthetic. A major catalyst for the update was moving the site from a heap of HTML files to WordPress.

Central to the guide is the idea of a handbook—the site is primarily instructional, after all. Printed guides have an intimate feel to them because learning is an intimate, personal concept. That’s why emulating a native app experience on narrow screens was high priority.

In narrow views, instead of vertically scrolling stacked guidelines, each guideline is formatted to the screen one at a time and swipe-able horizontally.

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