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Reimagined Branding for an Ever-Evolving Financial Firm

Strategic leverages our branding know-how and WordPress chops to better align with their customers.
  • Partners since 2015
  • Located in Utica, NY
a grid of bio photos from the strategic team

In a Nutshell

We’re squarely in our wheelhouse partnering with Strategic, a forward-thinking financial team we’ve been able to help at critical inflection points and culture shifts in their company’s recent history.


In 2015, Mike Leist and Strategic Financial did an incredibly smart thing: they timed a brand refresh with a website redesign. Stacking these projects back to back allowed our teams to methodically and cohesively work through Strategic’s positioning. Post-launch, they’ve stayed tethered to our studio, asking us to weigh in on various initiatives and website enhancements. In ’23 and ’23, we teamed up again for the next evolution of their identity and website.

Mike, Katy, and Team Strategic are model partners for us. Creative thinkers themselves, they’re good at articulating the challenges and goals for each project while empowering our team to share our perspectives of what the work should be. Often, the result is one team encouraging the other to push what’s possible further.

Highly collaborative partnerships are just the best.

Thanks to your incredible team, Hormel Foods couldn’t be more proud of its world-class website!

Wendy Watkins Senior VP Chief Communications Officer