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A Smarter Way to Recipe

Quick Recap
We were able to enhance an under-the-radar staple of into a future-friendly powerhouse.
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Let’s face it: we can’t always fit the most ideal version of every feature and function into a project. But that’s what makes post-launch iteration so, so rewarding.

When we embarked on the redesign of, the project team (wisely) invested energy into creating a robust storytelling platform. Though we determined this section as the best candidate to host the company’s many recipes, it was only recently that we were able to engineer a more sustainable way to maintain them in WordPress.

Our initial swing went a little something like this:

  1. Create a story
  2. Input every last detail of a recipe through a custom content block
  3. Publish

Where’s the “gotcha”? Mainly, each recipe was tied to the story around it. While we were able to present static recipe content consistently from story to story, the content block approach limited what could be done with the entirety of recipes across the site.

As a remedy, we created a custom WordPress plugin that allows recipes to be dynamically inserted into pages and stories, presented independently, and found through a proper search utility. The project team also took this opportunity to ensure our data was compatible with the way Google likes to present recipes (also compliant with those snazzy recipe reader devices people keep in their kitchens).