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Create Upstate ADK

The idea sold itself: three days in the most Upstate New Yorkiest place imaginable alongside 50 creative neighbors. Is this selfish? It feels selfish.

path on grounds of Whiteface Lodge with red foliage

Pandemic aside, the fact that we don’t do this more often is really the thing to question here. In any case, we took a field trip up to Lake Placid — in what turned out to be an ideal stretch of October weather — to rest, recharge, and rekindle our creative fires.

With ADK, Dan and Team Create Upstate pursued a fresh take on what was a conventional conference format. An autonomous schedule replaced the traditional gauntlet of speaker-led sessions. Pondside group chats replaced far-too-brief to an old friend during a snack break. Candy red maple trees served as wayfinding markers instead of event signage.

Supremely underrated: active recovery, time away from a screen, and making new friends.

Create Upstate ADK was a reminder of the vibrant community we’re lucky to be a part of.

Genuinely kind, talented people are continually doing the work to make Upstate NY a design-rich neck of the woods. We’re proud to be a part of the mix and can’t wait for the next opportunity to talk fonts and foliage.

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