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12×6 Winter ’22 Edition

Team Adjacent

As we put a bow on 2022, we’re looking back at some of the action around the studio — and forward to another promising new year.

illustration of a winter cabin with sled and firewood

More of a Goods Thing

Our anniversary-sparked Simplify tees were the latest entry to our ever-growing Adjacent Design Goods. We finally spent some time documenting the evolution of our collection.


Hitting the Light Switch

We helped the lighting experts at Aquarii turn around a new website. More than a style refresh, we also revamped their Rep locator.


Roast to Roast, Coast to Coast

Arguably the most fun of any project we tackled this year, we spent October immersed in creating a website for the Planters® Nutmobile. And yes, we’re still weaning ourselves off of nut puns.


Punching Up the Personality

We helped bring about a UI refresh to Hormel Health Labs that will help boost the visual vibe of their brands and products.


Coooking Up a Smarter Approach to Recipes

Perhaps our deepest tech dive this year was in service to Hormel Foods. We’ve been methodically working on a backend recipe engine set to roll out in January.

Fonts & Foliage

We kicked off October with a 3-day retreat in the Adirondacks, hosted by Dan and the Create Upstate team. Hanging out with area creative leaders at a venue ensconced in peak foliage is supremely underrated.


More like Jar-gone

Words are hard to get right. In November, Dan examined some of the pitfalls of using common design ling0 — and maybe made some New Year’s resolutions for himself in the process.

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Ready to Bloom

We helped to name and brand Healing Roots, a new horticultural therapy service in Syracuse.


A Wee Bit of Wonder on Walton

For the longest time, we’ve wanted to audition our front window as a creative canvas of sorts. We seized the opportunity this holiday season to spread some cheer.

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Here for a Year (& Hopefully Many More)

December 6th marked one year since Steve Sabatini joined Adjacent. His mountain biking stories and Star Wars fandom have been a very welcome addition to the team.

Meet Steve

Diving into Design Systems

We “attended” our third Clarity Conference, which focuses on the practice of design systems and its community. Nate also sat in Nathan Curtis’ “Operating Design Systems” workshop.


A Positive Spin on the Socials

The direct benefits and problems with social and digital media have been well-documented. In this article, Dan digs a bit deeper into the indirect influence our beloved platforms might be having on our communication skills.

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2023 is already filled with big projects, exciting team-ups, and some fun social and Goods ideas. For all the behind-the-scenes action, make sure you’re following us on Instagram & LinkedIn.

Here’s hoping we find a way to see all you wonderful people somehow, someway next year. Cheers!

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