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12×6 (Summer ’20 Edition)

Team Adjacent

After six—very, very long—months, we’ve hit halftime in 2020. We’re using this opportunity to deliver you the summer edition of 12×6: a quick collection of 12 updates, projects, and insights over the past 6 months.

12x6 illustration of a beach, boat, and sun

So, why are we doing this? If this year has proven anything, it’s how important it is to keep in touch. And while we’re big consumers of inspiration, it’s also our duty to feed that machine as well. If anything we’ve included here sparks an idea for you, let’s get to talking.

Here we go!

Supercharging Everyone’s Favorite Grocery Store

We started the year by kicking off an exciting partnership with the Wegmans creative team. We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on!

5 Years of Tom McCaffery

Tomservation Day marked our Webmaster’s 5th anniversary at Adjacent. Fittingly, we put together five questions to help him reflect on his time at 130 Walton.

5 for 5 with Tom


As often as we can, we’ve been keeping our blog going with articles on order, branded UIs, the tools we use, and why tackling your homepage should be the last thing you do.

Latest Posts

To the Future!

We collaborated with our Attention Span Media friends to create a site that champions their future-focused research, content, and events: Attention FWD.

Case Study

Pandemic? Pandemic.

Like so many others, we closed our downtown studio and transitioned to working remotely. While we’re just beginning to trickle back into the office (for good, we hope), we’re grateful to have partners, family, and friends who made it possible to get through this time smoothly.

Adjacaversary, sans the Fancy Restaurant

Since we couldn’t be together, we toasted from our couches on Adjacent’s 8th Anniversary. And hey, takeout isn’t so bad after all.



While it had been in the works for a bit, we officially announced our Ever Upward campaign and gave away some fun Upstate gear, helping lift the spirits of our neighbors working from home.

Ever Upward

Level Up!

We guided the team at Hidden Level to a revamped website, backed by a design system ready to fuel future sites. The illustrations were particularly fun on this one.

Case Study

5 Years of Dan Rose, too

Dan’s May 5th start date anniversary (a true taco lover’s dream) called for the opportunity to press him on matters professional, personal, and culinary.

5 for 5 with Dan

Putting A&S in Motion

We teamed up with the folks at Syracuse University’s College of Arts & Sciences and Matt Petrocci to produce an animated overview of SU’s first and foundational school. This was the first time we got to work with Michelle Sundholm, who’s an amazing voice talent. We can't wait to share the video in September!


The senseless killing of George Floyd spurred discussions about how we can more intentionally be an ally to the Black community. We’ve started by supporting our local youth chapter of Black Lives Matter as well as Black Girls Code.

Black Girls Code

Rapid Response

We helped the team at Hormel Foods quickly launch a landing page to collect their organization’s many COVID-19 news and resources. Design systems FTW!

COVID-19 Response

While we haven’t seen a curveball quite like 2020, we’re excited about the projects and ideas that await us in its second half.

We hope the same is true for you, and if we can help your team with reopening or any project as you try to make the most of 2020, let us know!

P.S. The donut debt we’ve accrued with everyone working from home is substantial—if we helped you launch a project recently, be ready for a delivery when you’re back!

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