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2019 Year in Review

Crazy to think Adjacent wasn’t a thing when this decade started, and here we are on the cusp of another one.

our bright orange front door

There’s some years that seem to bleed into others, making it hard to figure out where one stopped and another started. Sometimes, it’s only the holiday season in December that serves as a reminder that a new year is beginning.

2019 was not one of those years.

We wrapped up 2018 by relaunching our website while at Clarity Conf. If you’ve ever launched a thing in hopes of better representing yourself, you can validate how monumental it is to put a bow on it and move forward. In many ways, we couldn’t have asked for a better point of demarcation between 2018 and 2019.

Before we head into 2020, let’s take a look back at some of the ✨good times✨ we had this year:


We set out with a modest goal of writing an article every month and we’re happy to report that the very post you’re reading is #12 of 12. If you’re like us, writing articles can seem like a mountain to climb. However, we can confirm it’s rewarding once you find a rhythm.


2019 marked year seven for Adjacent, making it even more fun to look at Nate’s post on what things were like back in 2012.


Because everything’s a contest 🙄, Dan welcomed his third child to the world in May. With Jacoby’s arrival, the Adjaceboys now lead the Adjacegirls, 4-3.

Live Demo’d

In June, Dan traveled (slightly) north for SmashingConf Toronto, where he earned his bravery badge by hosting a live session on how we reconcile pages in a component-driven process.


In what seems like something we’ve been wanting to do ever since we moved into 130 Walton, we finally had the opportunity to paint our building. Front door vibes for days 😍

Before and After


Maribeth really dug into the notion of simplicity this year and has two fantastic articles to show for it. We’re hoping for a third in 2020.

We also kept our creative minds sharp by exploring Upstate NY through the lens of simplicity. #simplyupstate gave us the opportunity to imagine some area landmarks and locations a bit differently.

Designed + Built

Some highlights from the projects we worked on this year include a 40th Anniversary logo for the team at Strategic Financial, branding for a new retail experience in Turning Stone, Tom and Nate helping SU deploy a university calendar, dabbling in some internal product development, and a new site for our friends at Attention Span.

Iron Chef’d

In December, we visited with the team at Hormel Foods in a trip to Minneapolis, where Dan and Maribeth squared off in a culinary battle for the ages. It was as fun as it sounds.


We installed a fireplace just in time for Christmas 😂

Got Excited

2020 is upon us and we’ve already got some exciting things in store. While we’ll enjoy a breather for some family time, we’re beyond excited to start the year with new and renewed partnerships once the calendar turns in a few weeks. We hope you share in our enthusiasm whatever your endeavors are in the new year!